The home org for Atenean otakus.


We take part and pride in appreciating and promoting Japanese pop culture in its various forms; whether that be anime, manga, cosplay, music, art, technology, and many more. But more importantly, we're a ragtag family of individuals who come together to form an open space to freely talk about Japanese pop culture, as well as share ideas, opinions, celebrations, and creations about it.

The various stories that they tell, the characters that catch our attention and make us fall in love, as well as different worlds where we could explore and be different, but the same; all of these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have an interest or passion for Japanese pop culture, Toushin can be your home.

Friends of the East.
More than just anime.
Heart of a Blade.
Pearl of the Orient.

For over 16 years, though our themes and styles may change,
we have been, and continue to be the home for otaku culture inside the Ateneo.


Toushin is full of colorful characters who represent the different parts of the org!

Bringing the best otaku events inside the Ateneo.

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