RecWeek, or Recruitment Week, is the week/s that Atenean students are asked to join various different organizations within the university. COA and LIONS have two separate RecWeeks, and we participate in LIONS' RecWeek, which usually takes place later than COA's.
Toushin's previous in-person RecWeek took place in the Colayco Pavilion.

The Toushin General Assembly is the introductory event for all new members to be acquainted with what we do in the org, who the staff members are, and it's also a hangout for org members to meet each other!
It is always an internal event for org members, but 2021 saw the first public live stream of the Toushin General Assembly.

FanFeb, short for Fandom February, is an annual month-long public talk/workshop series that showcases different and unique topics under Japanese pop culture from diverse volunteers whether members of Toushin and the Ateneo’s community or even as far as industry professionals in Japanese pop culture. Examples have included an inside look on the management of anime conventions, rhythm games, cosplay workshops, and even the experiences of a fully-fledged indie VTuber. As one of Toushin’s largest events, FanFeb works as also one of its most notable as it primarily focuses on one of Toushin’s main goals: that being the creation of a space for the Toushin family to be able to share and learn all about the diverse happenings and hobbies of the Japanese pop culture world if even at the local level. True to its name, Fandom February is an event truly aimed at the cultivation of the Toushin community’s many varying yet often related fandoms and their associated cultural values.

Amai Kissaten is a cosplay café and fund-raising event where members dress-up to be their favorite characters from anime and manga to serve guests as servers, entertainers, or even cooks! Various food and drinks such as the venerable omuraisu, brownies, and cakes, along with a large variety of mocktails have formed the core of its menu. Amai Kissaten has traditionally taken place annually in the LS Promenade located in front of the Colayco Pavilion. Due to the pandemic, however, its last occurrence was in January 2020. 

Amai Kissaten has returned as a regular event after the pandemic, with the 2024 version being produced in collaboration with Cuisina.

The Toushin Game Show is the org's biggest quiz show aimed at challenging the knowledge of Toushin members, testing their expertise on topics about Japanese pop culture, including anime, manga, games, and more! The Game Show is Toushin's first internal online event, using Twitch live streaming and QuizKit to provide a fun and interactive space for participants.

The JSP Week Mini-Matsuri is the mainline event of the JSP Week organized by the Ateneo Japanese Studies Program. The event is organized by Toushin in collaboration with the Ateneo Japanese Studies Program, as well as Ateneo Hinomoto. It's a jam-packed celebration to cap off the JSP Week, with its various contests, such as a music video contest, cosplay contest, and karaoke contest, plus games and pop quizzes!

TouCon is one of the persevering official flagship events of Toushin, mainly aimed at highlighting contemporary Japanese visual culture: highlighting media ranging from J-pop music to the many diverse genres of anime as interests of the Toushin community. Short for Toushin Convention, TouCon has looked to welcome all the different independent artists, vendors, cosplayers, and anime lovers of our growing community and beyond to support them at an all-in public convention. Activities during TouCon are aimed at a diverse range of hobbies including cosplay, voice-acting, and even singing. Beyond this, as a flagship event, TouCon strives to exemplify Toushin’s goal of fostering an open space for the community to share their perspectives on all their favourite media. 

In spite of lockdown, TouCon has also enjoyed its reincarnation as the beloved TouCon Online, which has garnered the title of being the first and only student-organized online anime convention in the Philippines.