Fujimaki Shin

Age: 19
Birthday: August 4
Height: 6’
Blood Type: A
Favorite Outfit: Dark/black jacket or vest and black pants, or any other black/dark clothing.
Favorite Thing about himself: “My glasses. Why? ‘Cos I can push them up like this.” *pushes glasses to form the iconic anime glasses pose* “Also, uh, I can’t read my readings without them.”

Shinkun is absolutely the definition of KAKKOI. When you see him around, you’ll always see him being very calm and collected; basically being the opposite of Touchan. He’s a naturally intelligent straight-A student currently majoring in Creative Writing. But when he’s not busy with requirements, he often puts up with a lot of shenanigans that his crazier friends drag him into.

Despite all the positives about Shinkun, it’s suggested that you should cut back on complimenting him. He can never take a compliment. Do that, and he turns into a bumbling blushing mess as red as a tomato. But most importantly, don’t say anything bad about Toushin, or he will attack you. Toushin haters suffer by the hand of Shinkun. But it’s probably because he cares quite a lot about Toushin and the Toumodachis, so it really just do be like that.

If you want to meet the one-and-only cool and badass Shinkun, joining Toushin may just be the right thing to do.