Tekko Fiore Panns
Technical Support Team

Age: 19
Birthday: April 4
Height: 4'11"
Blood Type: B
Favorite Outfit: Programmer socks, headphones, or just programming gear in general
Favorite Thing about themselves: “Well, it’s gotta be my mad gamer skillz”

Tekko is an enigma. One minute they’re playing games all throughout the night, the next they’re encoding hundreds of lines of code. They also somehow manage to take care of all the technical issues in Toushin— *BOOM* ...make that most of the technical issues in Toushin. It would seem that even a Computer Science major as competent as Tekko can’t save Toushin from the scuff that haunts the organization.

When they’re not being a madlad in front of a screen, they’re helping the rest of the org with little jobs such as lifting weights, helping people with their cosplay, and making sure that everyone’s having a good time. Just make sure to keep them away from the game booths, they’re going to scoff at your incompetence in video games... even if they’re not the greatest at it either.