Mii Nakamura
Department of Internal Affairs

Age: 21
Birthday: December 5
Height: 5'4"
Blood Type: AB+
Favorite Outfit: Light-colored blouses, skirts, and thigh highs.
Favorite Thing about himself: “Being his sister’s brother.”

Mii is the younger brother of the Twin-ternals and is often the butt of his sister’s “6 min joke”. He’s shy and doesn’t talk as much as his sister if at all. He usually finds himself in the crossfire of whatever adventures or misadventures his loose-cannon sister gets them to. Though this is also the only way he ever even gets anywhere.

But despite all this, Mii secretly deeply cares for his sister and as awkward the situations are, no matter how timid he may be, he’ll follow his sister to the ends of the Earth simply because to him, she means the world. After all, they’ve been sharing the same room even before they were born.