Vee Suzuki
Department of Events

Age: 20
Birthday: April 8
Height: 6'6"
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Outfit: Light-colored outfits that are casual but appear professional, like shirt and jacket combinations.
Favorite Thing about himself: “Books, like my planner. What, you don’t think I keep this Department running without notes, do you?”

Vee, the strict and professional representative of Toushin’s Department of Events. Although this gives an impression of coldness, he actually cares about those in Events, making sure to set reasonable rules and policies that he himself follows. At times, he lets slip signs of such through tail wags, blushing, and sudden coughs.

Despite his seeming indifference to his work and his colleagues, he’s actually the type to go all out. This is proven by the fact that although he is technically a graphic designer, his logistical skills in planning and organizing events are second to none. Perhaps more concretely, he makes sure to listen to and address criticism from his colleagues - including himself.

Vee does a stellar job overall, but he sure could use some help. Not everything is about logistics - new people in Toushin always bring new ideas.