Yuu Nakamura
Department of Internal Affairs

Age: 21
Birthday: December 5
Height: 5'5"
Blood Type: O-
Favorite Outfit: Long-sleeve shirts with vests, men’s pants/slacks, and ties.
Favorite Thing about herself: “Being born first amongst the twins.”

Yuu is the elder sister of the two twins that represent Toushin’s internals and she makes sure that her little brother (who she beat entering the world by 6 minutes) doesn’t forget that. She’d often talk and mess with her brother saying “When I was your age…” jokes every 6 mins. after she accomplishes something.

Speaking of talking, she’s the extroverted of the two. She’d chit and chat days on end and claims to know everyone and everything about everyone. This may have some truth as it seems she knows everything that there is to know about anyone mere minutes after an encounter.