Mikan Tsubaki
Department of Creative Affairs

Age: 21
Birthday: February 24
Height: 5'3"
Blood Type: O+
Favorite Outfit: Comfortable outfits such as leggings, t-shirts, jackets, and hoodies. No heels, ever! Slip-ons and Converse shoes are fine.
Favorite Thing about herself: “Heh, not to brag or anything but, these hands can whip out a miracle an hour before the deadline.”

Art is such a cruel, cruel mistress, but it is the gift that keeps on giving. Mikan Tsubaki is the representative of Toushin’s Department of Creative Affairs and is perpetually working on the next project without stopping. After all, one of the lifeblood of Japanese Pop Culture is anime and manga!

As a result of handling a lot of Toushin’s creative works, she is often in her room drawing until the dawn breaks and likes staying there, perpetually tired and easygoing unless a deadline is fast approaching. But don’t worry, she is easily rejuvenated and snapped out of her introverted shell once the talk of her favorite fandoms get involved. From ships to insane theories and making way too many OCs, Mikan is very passionate about her interests and the toumodachis she meets along the way while sharing these things.

While she does work alongside Vee frequently to make public materials for Toushin, she’s more than happy to have more toumodachis help out inside her room to create and share the magic of art! There’s always a seat for any and everyone!