Nishihama Tou

Age: Forever 18 (no other answer)
Birthday: January 1
Height: 5’5”
Blood Type: B
Favorite Outfit: Bright colored blouse with a matching skirt!
Favorite Thing about herself: “I love my TOUMODACHIS!” (“that's not part of you..” can be heard from a short distance away)

People are naturally drawn to Touchan, the energetic, friendly, and very genki tomodachi of Toushin! Currently taking up the Japanese Studies Program in Ateneo, she loves making new friends, although some people find her a bit too much at times. But she can’t help that she’s always excited for everything, so she can’t help but bounce around everywhere! She also loves sweets, anime, cats, but most of all, she loves Toushin!

Although she is somewhat childish, she is very sweet and will not hesitate to protect and care for her tomodachis with all. fiber. of. her. being. Like, literally, she will protectively shield you with her arms wide, as awkward as it can be in public. She is a bit of an average student, but she does love to study with her tomodachis! 

You want to be part of her amazing TOUMODACHIS? Come and join Toushin!