a.k.a. "Touchan Alter", "Azu", "Empress Azuma"
"The Empire" - Toushin Season 2019-2020

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Blood Type: ?
Favorite Outfit: ?
Favorite Thing about herself: ?


Azuma was part of the spinoff storyline established in Season 2019-2020 that saw Touchan up against Azuma in a fight between the Rebellion versus the Empire; a fight that TOUmodachis saw themselves being caught in the fire of, as they were enticed to choose between the two houses after joining Toushin. Toushin during this time would also implement a system wherein winners of events count as wins for their house: either for the Empire or for the Rebellion.

It was also during this season that the theming of the Toushin administration would be changed from the "Seitokai" to the "Diet", referencing the real Japanese government, following a restructure of the org alongside the formation of the 2019 Toushin Constitution.

After this season and further assessment, it was decided by new management that the two-house competitive system did not work as intended and was scrapped. Alongside that, the storyline that included Azuma was retconned in future Toushin seasons, and the Diet was transitioned back into the Seitokai during seasons 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, completing by season 2022-2023.